The winners of our Scratch Programming Contest to develop a game that is fun and educational about either hydrogels or surfactants are:


Grades 3–6 Category

First Place:  Daniel Sage, for Bathroom Science: Hydrogels

Second Place: Emma Coleman, for Surfactant Science Fair

Third Place:  Matthew Meredith, for Surface Active Agents: The Grime Scene


Grades 7–10 Category

First Place:  Michael Lan, for Surfactants: Cleaning the Bathroom

Second Place: Haoda Wang, for Hydrogel Designer


Grades 11–12 Category

First Place:  Daniel Bondi, for Life of Hydrogel

Second Place: Robert Brosch, for Surfactants and Surface Tension

Third Place:  Daniel Cullinan, for Surfactant Game


Congratulations to all the winners!!!